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A metal detector can be a big investment, that’s why it's important that you have confidence in your dealer’s knowledge of their products and their commitment to customer service. We are a small family-owned company that has been serving the American metal detecting community since 1998. Our staff are recognized experts in the field of metal detection and have the knowledge to help you start finding gold and treasure fast!

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1. VETERAN DISCOUNTS* We support the Constitution, traditional family values, and proudly stand with those who have served in the US armed forces. Veterans are eligible for up to 15%

2. PRICE MATCH* Guarantee Shop with confidence knowing that you are getting the best deal around. If you find a better price tell us about it, and we'll match it!

3. FREE SHIPPING!* We offer FREE UPS shipping with insurance on all metal detectors to virtually anywhere in the United States.

4. SUPERIOR PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE We use what we sell...and we won't sell it unless we'd use it! We are avid detectorists ourselves, and most all our free time is spent out there in the field swinging a coil. With over 24 years’ experience, detecting in four different countries, we have the sort of practical knowledge that most of our competitors don't. Let us know if you have questions, we are happy to help.

5. GUARANTEED GENUINE We purchase direct from the manufactures. Our products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic! Counterfeits are real, and they are widespread online. Don't get burned.

About Chris Gholson

Chris Gholson’s introduction to gold prospecting started off at a very early age when his grandfather began taking him along on his many excursions into the Arizona desert to search for Indian artifacts, relics, and of course, gold. Who could have known that these trips would have had such a lasting impression? Those hours spent digging alongside his grandfather sparked an interest in him that has lasted throughout his entire life!

His grandfather Robert Arnold Gholson was born July 2, 1927, in a small Illinois farming community. Growing tired of the harsh winters; Robert packed up his family in the 1950s and moved westward to Arizona. Here he learned of the state’s rich mineral wealth and it wasn’t long before he caught a serious case of gold fever. Armed with only a pick, pan, and shovel, he began exploring the central goldfields surrounding the Bradshaw Mountains. He also became intrigued by the legend of the Lost Dutchman's Mine and began scouring the mysterious, and rugged Superstition Mountains. He even went so far as to begin constructing a homemade gyrocopter to search for the mine from the air. It was fortunate that the project never panned out, considering he had no idea how to fly!

Sadly in 1991 Robert was diagnosed with stomach cancer and passed away shortly after. In the years that followed there was very little talk of gold in the Gholson household. Luckily the "fever" was rekindled when Chris's father Steve sold his electronics manufacturing company in 1995 and retired. With more free time on their hands, the two returned to the family tradition and haven't looked back since!

During the warmer months, Chris would dry-wash the rugged gullies of the Bradshaw Mountains. Then when the rainy season arrived, he took to dredging these seasonal creek beds. He enjoyed working the nozzle and managed to find a decent amount of gold, but the state’s lack of water proved to be a major set back. Sometime later he met a seasoned electronic prospector from Rock Springs, AZ who introduced him to the metal detector. Chris said, “I took one look at those handfuls of shiny nuggets and knew right then and there that I was hooked! It took me over a year to find my first nugget with a metal detector, but it was well worth it!"

What originally started out as just a hobby has slowly turned into a full-time profession, which to be quite honest, suits Chris just fine. In 1998 he started a new business called Gholson's Detectors, which would eventually be renamed Arizona Outback. Later that same year he wrote his first book Metal Detecting for Placer Gold, which sold several thousand copies. In 2002, Chris coauthored another book titled Rich Hill: The History of Arizona's Most Amazing Gold District with his colleagues from the University of Arizona and California State University. He has been a contributing author for several magazines including the Gold Prospector, the International California Mining Journal, and Lost Treasure. Chris has made several appearances on the Outdoor Channel and the History Channel and has been featured in television commercials for Minelab Electronics. In May 2000, he graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in the Biological Sciences. Together he and his father have prospected throughout the Western United States, the goldfields of Alaska, the rainforests of South America, and the Australian Outback. Using their metal detectors, the father and son team have found numerous pounds of nuggets, handfuls of meteorites, and two rich gold veins in the Northern Territory of Australia.

For Chris, prospecting has taken on new meaning. It is no longer about the gold, but rather the camaraderie of his fellow prospector, the freedom of being outdoors, and the time he gets to spend with his closest friend; his father. Thank you for taking the time to visit his web page. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail him.


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