Arizona Mining Claim M.C. #7

Item: M.C. # 7

Size: 20 Acres

Location: Yavapai County, AZ

Asking Price: $3,000

This claim is located in central Arizona in the foothills of the historic gold-bearing Bradshaw Mountains. The Bradshaw's have been home to some of the richest placer and lode deposits in the state. This claim is southeast of Prescott and north of Phoenix. It can be reached in a high clearance vehicle (truck or Jeep). There is a dry creekbed that drains the claim from the north to the south. Several hundred gold nuggets have been recovered along this creek with metal detectors. Most of the nuggets averaged less than 2-grams, but several 1/4-ounce pieces were found. The predominate bedrock is Yavapai schist, which is cut by many thin quartz veins. This bedrock is exposed in many places along the creek. There are many indications that an ancient river channel once flowed over the area. This is proven by the existing of rounded granite boulders, ironstones, and other water-worn cobbles and gravels on the hillsides. These gravels are untouched and have never been worked with modern machinery. The claim is off the beaten path and is best suited for someone that enjoys the journey and their privacy. The best gold recovery methods will be metal detecting, dry-washing, panning, and possibly seasonal dredging. More information is available; serious inquiries only. Contact Us Here for more information.

Mining claim for sale  
Mining claim for sale  
Mining claim for sale  
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