Arizona Mining Claim Keep-It-Dark

Item: Keep-It-Dark

Size: 20 Acres

Location: Yavapai County, AZ

Asking Price: $2,250

This claim is located in central Arizona in the foothills of the historic gold-bearing Bradshaw Mountains. The Bradshaw's have been home to some of the richest placer and lode deposits in the state. This claim is southeast of Prescott and north of the ghost town of Bumble Bee. It can be reached in most all vehicles. A motorhome or a truck pulling a trailer will have no trouble reaching the property. Many gold nuggets and specimens have been found in this region. The largest we are aware of, was found with a Minelab metal detector and was a 50-ounce quartz specimen with well over a pound of gold inside! The predominate bedrock is Yavapai schist, which is exposed in many of the tributaries and along the hillsides. There are numerous abandoned hard rock gold mines to the east of the property. There are also indications that an ancient river channel once flowed over the area. This is proven by the existing of rounded granite boulders, ironstones, and other water-worn cobbles and gravels on the hillsides. The claim is an easy trip from either Phoenix or Prescott. The best gold recovery methods will be metal detecting and dry-washing. More information is available; serious inquiries only. Contact Us Here for more information.

Mining claim for sale  
Mining claim for sale  
Mining claim for sale  
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