Coiltek Elite 11″ Round CAMO Mono Searchcoil for SD, GP or GPX

Being the smallest size in the ELITE series, this coil increases sensitivity for the very small targets and maximize your chances when searching for gold in tight areas. A must-have coil to help clean up the patch.

Coiltek Elite 11″ Round CAMO Mono Searchcoil for SD, GP or GPX

The ELITE coils utilize a new winding innovation which was created and released by COILTEK. The winding optimizes the transmit and receives signals and therefore improves depth and sensitivity when compared to a standard wound similar sized coil.

The ELITE range has next to no touch sensitivity, smooth stable operation, and no abnormal external interference issues. Essentially they run smoother than any other standard coil on the market.

Other brands have copied the innovation and claim to have the performance of the Coiltek however customer reviews and comments prove that the Coiltek ELITE coils are choice for performance, reliability and customer service from HQ and the dealers who work with the Coiltek Brand.

The ELITE coils are wound with a high-grade LITZ wire and care is taken with every coil to ensure overall consistency in performance. The new CAMO look is there to help improve the uniqueness of the coil and set it apart from the competition. The ultimate proof of the performance is in the customers’ reviews and success stories and they are too numerous to mention.

Any detector operator with an SD / GP/ GPX machine could be missing out on Optimising Discovery if they are not swinging with the ELITE.

Here are some of the key features of this new coil.

  • 11″ round camo
  • Suits the Minelab SD / GP / GPX detectors
  • Sharp and bright response to targets
  • Extremely sensitive and quiet in operation
  • Water-resistant
  • Deep searcher
  • From current tests consistently achieving 1-2 inches greater depth than the standard 11″ Mono by Coiltek
  • Optimizes the SD, GP and GPX detectors performance
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