AZO Padded Armrest Cuff (Minelab SD/GP/GPX)

Give your Minelab detector that custom look with our AZO Padded Camouflage Armrest Cuff!

AZO Padded Armrest Cuff (Minelab SD/GP/GPX)

If you want to give your Minelab metal detector that custom look, check out our padded camouflage Armrest Cuffs. Made of non-abrasive nylon, this replacement cuff slides on and secures in place with Velcro. Designed to compliment our Control Box Covers. Will not interfere with the stock arm support strap. Two new patterns to choose from: Woodland Green and Arctic Blue.

Suitable for use with the following Minelab metal detectors: GPX-5000, GPX-4800, GPX-4500, GPX-4000, GP3500, GP3000, GP Extreme, SD2200, SD2100, SD2000, and Eureka Gold.

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